GoPro Gold: Getting the Perfect Clip

Videos powered by the GoPro have given us new perspectives of some of the world’s most extreme environments and spectacular stunts, and although the GoPro Hero 4 Black represents the top of the line device, the capable entry-level GoPro Hero has made this dynamic tool accessible to everyone. Getting incredible footage with your GoPro requires just a few steps, and you can click here for more about getting the most from your new camera.

Visualize your Video

The most compelling GoPro clips are more than just continuous action streams, and so directing an amazing GoPro video starts with careful planning of the final video beforehand. GoPro models commonly feature a high definition still image capture mode along with a timer that can be set to shoot at regular intervals, and these images can be interspersed with action shots to create a unified narrative. Consider incorporating photos of the environment or items used in the video with your footage to increase visual interest.

Mount with Confidence

The placement of your mount is vital to the success of the finished product, as excessive jostling can cause videos to become extremely choppy. A GoPro camera should always be mounted as securely as possible, and the mount should be affixed to an area that experiences minimal movement. For example, many skateboarding GoPro videos place the mount on the rider instead of the board for the bulk of the clip to minimize disruptive vibration, and the first-person perspective synonymous with the GoPro can be achieved by firmly attaching the camera to the side of a full face helmet with a suitable adhesive.


All About Angles

Shooting from multiple vantage points is a great way to discover unexpectedly interesting views of the action as well as creating a more immersive experience by combining multiple angles of the subject. Self-timed shooting modes can be used to place the camera at various positions surrounding the subject, and photographers can even construct custom mounts to capture unfolding events from an entirely new perspective.

In order to get the absolute best footage from your GoPro from day one, photographers should learn the basics of using the device through the manufacturer’s online tutorials. Meticulous planning can make a significant difference in the quality of a GoPro video, but only extensive experience with the camera in action can truly help you unlock the potential of this innovative device.

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