Possession by Jessica Hawkins


By Jessica Hawkins

  • Release Date: 2014-11-04
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 226 Ratings
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“Pretty Woman meets Indecent Proposal in Explicitly Yours, a seductive series that’ll leave your heart racing.”—Louise Bay, USA Today Bestselling Author

Lola Winters doesn’t think she can escape her life as a waitress—until she receives a shocking proposition from a sexy stranger. Wealthy businessman Beau Olivier wants Lola for a night, and in order to get her, he’s willing to make her dreams come true.

But Beau’s conditions are explicit. From sunset to sunrise, Lola must submit all of herself to him—body, mind, and soul. Because nothing is more important to Beau than maintaining control...especially over his possessions.

Sometimes, though, things don’t go according to plan. What if one night isn't enough? What if come sunrise, Beau isn’t ready to say goodbye?


  • Trash

    By sdali92
    I couldn't get passed the scene at the strip club. Disgusting.
  • No character development

    By Unicorns and colors
    Some spoilers The story was a play by play of what happened that night including her repeated reluctance dialogues. And yet the story went on until the night was over and NOTHING CHANGES. She still goes home regretting it and we don't even get to figure out about what happens with the money. Major letdown.
  • Hello

    By Bannahead1234
    It not the best book in the world
  • What a night!

    By Pastryqueen
    This was my first book by Jessica Hawkins and what an introduction it was! She is not afraid to go past the boundaries that some are often to scared to cross. You find yourself rooting for what most find morally wrong but Jessica makes you fall in love with the thrill of the fantasy and that's what makes the story amazing! She does a fantastic job of setting up a scene and making you feel like your right in the middle of the action! Night Fever is a weekend must read!
  • Feeling feverish!!

    By MzMartin8(:)
    Jessica Hawkins delivers a powerful story of seduction and temptation. Beau and Lola's fated meet is bound to leave you wanting more. But how can they all live happily ever after? They won't be able to. Lola wants to give her boyfriend a chance for his dream to come through. Although, the consequences are sure to be severe. Especially, if her heart gets involved with Beau. I can't wait to see where this love story goes. How will they resolve this? Are Lola and Beau just as fated for disaster? Jessica Hawkins does a great job of getting the reader engaged with her characters. You become invested in all of them. She writes them steamy and tempts you to continue on this journey with them. Looking forward to the next one.
  • A sexy, fun, and edgy must read!

    By BookmarkedByJen
    Night Fever by Jessica Hawkins Night Fever is the place where love, lust, dreams, and futures collide. Sunset Strip is known for being hot and steamy, and Jessica Hawkins delivers exactly that in this sexy and edgy book filled with lustful desires and tempting propositions. Lola and her boyfriend are propositioned by the sexy and controlling Beau Olivier. He offers them their dreams in exchange for one night with Lola. Lines are blurred, desires are met, and relationships are questioned. Night fever is playful, seductive, and provocative. Jessica Hawkins has this amazing ability to tease her readers and make us walk that thin line between right and wrong. Night Fever is sexy, fun, and captivating. I loved this book, and I can't wait to read the next!
  • A proposition for one night with Lola.

    By Annmric8
    Night Fever was about Beau, a founding partner with Bolt Ventures, who was instantly captivated by Lola. Lola was a waitress at a popular historical bar that her and her boyfriend Johnny worked at. Lola and Johnny had been working side by side for eight years. The popular landmark bar suffered a decline in business causing the owner to shut it down or sell it. The premise of the story was about the proposal Beau made with Lola. The story focused on the contractual arrangement illustrating how money could change their lives. Beau was a business man who managed the arrangement with the same formalities as any other contract. Beau hoped to eliminate any ideas of betrayal by creating a contract where the grey lines of cheating could be dismissed. Beau wanted Lola to focus solely on him and in order to achieve complete submission he had to distract her with his carnal needs of seduction. With a contract, rules, and money all players conducted this as a business arrangement from a paper perspective. Once the night began Beau was in charge. I found the sex typical for this type of arrangement. The connection between Beau and Lola was carnal and sinful. Their arrangement was treated in the same manner as an affair. Time was limited therefore the time spent was carefully calculated. We were reminded constantly that Lola loved Johnny. Lola's feelings and emotions were expressed leaving you to question Johnny's feelings. Lola's concern to make Johnny's dreams come true showed how unselfish she was. Originally I was not keen on reading another story about a proposition of sex for money. Jessica made it appealing and interesting with her attention to conduct this as business with benefits. “I’ll eat you slowly with attention to every bite. I’ll drink you like fine wine, savoring your taste, inhaling your scent, letting you own me for as long as you’re in my mouth". Favorite quote from story.
  • Indecent proposal indeed

    By Jandycuriel
    This was a good start to the series. Lola and Johnny have been together for 9 years. They manage a failing bar that is rich in rock n roll history. There is talk that the bar will be sold. Leaving their futures in the balance. What will they do if the bar gets sold? In comes Beau. He's rich and has walked into their bar and has taken a liking to Lola. This is where things get interesting. Beau offers to give them money to buy the bar. Only if he gets one night with Lola. I'm This is the first book in a series. It does continue with the same characters. So you don't get a resolution to the story on this book. This was my first book by this Author and it definitely won't be my last.